1.2 Field Definitions

LANSA recommends a corporate data dictionary approach for creating fields in the LANSA Repository. Refer to Corporate Data Dictionary Concepts in the Developer Guide.

Field definition components in alphabetical sequence:

1.2.20 Alias Name

1.2.11 Allocated Length (IBM i only)

1.2.5 Decimals

1.2.6 Default Value

1.2.12 Edit Mask

1.2.14 Enable Field for RDMLX

1.2.16 Field Attributes

1.2.10 Field Column Heading

1.2.8 Field Description

1.2.2 Field Identifier

1.2.9 Field Label

1.2.4 Field Length

1.2.1 Field Name

1.2.3 Field Type

1.2.17 Input Attributes

1.2.13 Keyboard Shift

1.2.18 Output Attributes

1.2.19 Prompting

1.2.7 Reference Field

1.2.15 System Field


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