1.2.12 Edit Mask

Edit Mask allows you to specify the format in which you want your data returned for the application.

Edit Code

Specify the letter or number representing the format for output-capable numeric fields. This indicates the formatting to be done before a field is displayed or printed. The following editing can be done, depending on which edit code is specified:

Refer to Standard Field Edit Codes for edit codes that are supported in this version of LANSA.

Edit Word

If you cannot accomplish the desired editing by using a predefined edit code, you may specify an edit word instead. An edit word specifies the form in which the field values are to print and clarifies the data by inserting characters, such as decimal points, commas, floating- and fixed-currency symbols, and credit balance indicators. Also use it to suppress leading zeros and to provide asterisk fill protection.



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1.1.1 Field Type Considerations