3.7 Table Attributes

When a table is defined in the Repository, some operating system specific table "attributes" that influence how the table is to be set up and used can be specified. Some of the attributes influence:

Refer to:

3.7.1 Table Schema

3.7.2 Record Format Name   

3.7.3 IOM Location

3.7.4 Table Uses SQL On IBM i

3.7.5 Alternate Collating Table (ALTSEQ)

3.7.6 Enable Tables for RDMLX   

3.7.7 Share

3.7.8 Secure

3.7.9 Strip Debug

3.7.10 Suppress IOM0034 Message

3.7.11 Ignore Decimal Errors    

3.7.12 IOM Required

3.7.13 Create Batch Control

3.7.14 IBM i High Speed Table   

3.7.15 Auto RRN Creation

3.7.16 Create RRNO Column

3.7.17 Convert Special Characters in Column Names

3.7.18 Commitment Control

3.7.19 Auto Commit

3.7.20 CRTPF and CHGPF Parameter

3.7.21 Readonly Access

3.7.22 Database Table Trigger

3.7.23 Table Description


Also see

Table Attributes Tab in the User Guide.