3.7.16 Create RRNO Column

Specify whether or not RRN functionality is required for this table. It is only available if the Table is an Other Table. Such tables are identified by this table icon:


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Platform Considerations

Note: With the introduction of setting Auto RRNO on LANSA tables, it is now mandatory to create the RRNO column on new LANSA tables. Setting Auto RRNO creates an Identity column to store the RRNO.
This provides a very fast method of generating the RRNO. It is much faster than the deprecated method of using an external table to store the next RRNO. Too many important LANSA features are unavailable (as listed above) when the RRNO is not used. You may consider that the RRNO is an unnecessary overhead, but it is so essential to LANSA that without it, much functionality becomes far more difficult for you to implement. In practice, both developing LANSA and execution of LANSA are at least as fast if not faster, with RRNO.

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