3.7.20 CRTPF and CHGPF Parameter

Specify any additional command parameters that are to be used by LANSA when creating (CRTPF command) or changing (CHGPF command) the physical table.

When the table definition is set up this value is initialized to include SIZE and LVLCHK parameters which are set from the default values specified in the system definition block. Refer to System Definition Data Areas for more details.

Default = SIZE(10000 2000 3) LVLCHK(*YES)


When specifying parameters, input them exactly as would be done when entering them through the IBM i command entry facility. Use "keyword" (rather than positional) specification of any parameters required.

Parameters that can be specified include:

The SHARE parameter relates to the CRTPF and CHGPF command common parameters only, it does not relate to the share an open data option. Refer to 3.7.7 Share.

Parameters specified are checked for validity. If invalid the screen will be re-displayed with an error message.

Platform Considerations