Visual LANSA for Web Development

LANSA Version 14 introduces a new version of Visual LANSA for building responsive web applications without the need to master any of the competitive web languages and technologies.

This new web development capability of Visual LANSA allows the same RDMLX syntax which is used for developing desktop (rich-client) applications to be used for developing web based applications. These applications are coded entirely with Visual LANSA’s own RDMLX language and require no knowledge of typical web development scripting languages such as HTML, JavaScript or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Most of a LANSA-based web application now executes in the browser with calls to the server for database access and for executing specific server functions as required. Applications are written entirely in RDMLX using the Visual LANSA integrated development environment (IDE), the WYSIWYG designer and LANSA supplied visual controls. Developing and maintaining web applications with LANSA has never been easier.

Visual LANSA ships with a number of examples and sample applications written with RDMLX using the new web capability, all of which are accessible from within the Visual LANSA IDE.

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