Visual LANSA Available in the Amazon Cloud

Visual LANSA applications can now be developed and executed in the Amazon Web Services Cloud (AWS).



Available in the Amazon cloud are:

LANSA Application Development

The Visual LANSA Integrated Development Environment provides a set of comprehensive Windows-based tools for cross-platform development. You can build applications for Windows, Linux, IBM i and mobile devices.

The product includes the Visual LANSA IDE, the Visual LANSA Framework and a set of appropriate LANSA Integrator Services, licensed for development and testing.


LANSA Application Deployment and Execution

Called the LANSA Scalable License, this is an already licensed LANSA stack, with auto-scaling, that enables LANSA based applications to be deployed to and executed in the AWS cloud.

The LANSA stack can be created in AWS for executing LANSA-based applications in essentially one click. The self-scaling, multi-datacenter LANSA stack is highly available and fault tolerant, with automatic installation, upgrading, patching and Windows updates. It is fully licensed for production work loads.


Subscription pricing is time based. The pricing of the Scalable License depends on the CPU capacity of the virtual machine.



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