Allow Visual LANSA Component Definitions with the Same Name as a Repository Object

Up until now it has not been possible to create local components using the same name as a repository field or a component. This restriction has been lifted.

What's New in LANSA Version 14 SP2?
LANSA Developer Center Website
New in LANSA for Web
Your First Mobile Application
Use Web and Mobile Templates and Sample Applications
Mobile Application Templates
Sample Applications
Responsive Web Applications for Mobile, Tablet and Desktops
Views and Dialogs
DeviceChanged Event
Google Material Design Controls and Themes
Explore the Material Design Controls in LANSA
Material Design in the IDE
Field Validation on Web Client
New in Visual LANSA Framework
VLF-ONE Deployment Template
Build a Mobile App in Under 10 Minutes
Launch the Framework from the IDE Home Page
Visual LANSA IDE Enhancements
LANSA Desktop Icons
New IDE Home Page
Diagrams and Links to Guides in Source Code
Quick Rules for Tables
View Table Data
New Intrinsic Methods
Regular Expressions for Numeric and Character Masking
Email and Password Validation Intrinsics
URLEncode and URLDecode Intrinsics
Non-IBM i Developer View
New Source Code Formatting Options
Other Changes
Design Theme Tab Removed
Groups and Frameworks Removed
CSP (Content Security Policy) for Web Applications
Editing CSP Files
New Loading of Windows Tables
Data Sources
Creating a Data Source
Data Source Tables
Table Options
Finishing the Import
Understanding the Transformation Process
LANSA Naming Policy
Reloading Tables
Load and Reload Issues
New Field or Update Existing?
Enhanced Version Control with Git Integration
Version Control Settings
Version Control Status and History
Folder Management in Version Control
Version Control Objects and Actions
LANSA DevOps and Deployment
Deploy Your Application
Deployment Tool Changes
The Patching Mechanism Has Been Changed
New Table Data Processing Options
Set as Home Page
RESTful Web Services
Consume RESTful Web Services
JSON Parsing
Publish RESTful Web Services
Nomenclature Changes
External Program Integration on IBM i Servers
Wrapped Integrator Services for Easier RDMLX Use
New LANSA Evaluation Installation
RDMLX Extended Library
Installation of V14 SP2
IBM i Software Will Be Issued as a Save-File
What Was New in LANSA Version 14 SP1?
LANSA for Web Updates
Responsive Design Features
Layout Managers
Variable Sizing
Layout Helper Changes
Web Page Templates/Sample Applications
Using a Web Page Template
Basic Layout
Mobile Layout
Outlook Layout
Application Layout
What Does the Template Create?
New Layout Behaviour
Visual LANSA Framework
Updated Visual LANSA IDE Home Page
Develop and Deploy Applications in the Cloud
Installation/Upgrade/Deployment Enhancements
Default Values for Options
Local lroute.dat File Is Now the Default
New Website Option Replaces Many Web-related Options
LANSA Integrator
What Was New in LANSA Version 14?
Visual LANSA for Web Development
Desktop User Experience on the Web
All Web Development with a Single Language
Windows and Web Development with One Skill Set
The Visual LANSA Advantage for Web Development
Visual LANSA Framework
Note for Existing Visual LANSA Framework Users
Visual LANSA Available in the Amazon Cloud
Benefits of Cloud Licensing
How does LANSA in the Cloud Work?
What does the Amazon Machine Image contain?
LANSA Mobile Available in the App Store
LANSA Mobile App Container
Creating a Theme
Setting Theme Draw Styles
Applying a Theme to an Application
Design Theme
Applying the Theme
Manually Applying Draw Styles
"Ad Hoc" Styles
Theme/Style Hierarchy
WAM Related Enhancements
New Weblets
Weblet Property Display Enhancements
Documentation Available Online
Command and BIF Reference Enhancements
Deployment Tool
Cloud Deployment
Support for Visual LANSA Objects when Developing Web Applications
Execution Parameters Extended
Additional LANSA Features Extended
Package Settings Updated
Template Changes
LANSA Root Folder Supported for Non-LANSA Object Deployment
Other Enhancements
LANSA Integrator
Widgets for Using IBM i Resources from JavaScript in a Browser
New Built-in Functions
Support for New Versions of Third Party Software
Upgraded Third-Party Libraries
MySQL Support on Linux 64-bit and Windows