LANSA Mobile App Container

LANSA Mobile brings the power of the LANSA Repository to your mobile devices.

The LANSA Mobile App is downloaded from the appropriate App Store onto the mobile device and it provides a container i) in which LANSA based web applications can execute and ii) from which mobile device-side features can be accessed.



Applications developed using the new Visual LANSA for web paradigm as well as the existing WAM paradigm can all be run as browser applications deployed into the LANSA Mobile container. The back-end is a LANSA server running on a Windows or IBM i system.

The Visual LANSA based applications running in LANSA Mobile can take advantage of the devices' features such as:

The LANSA Mobile App can host multiple concurrent LANSA based web sessions, document views and any other web pages.

Visual LANSA based applications access mobile device features using Widgets, WAM apps use Weblets.