New Website Option Replaces Many Web-related Options

A new Website option has replaced these options: Web Server Details, Websites for LANSA Web Server Extension and Website for Web Images. The use of one LANSA Web Server Extension and one website per LANSA configuration is now enforced.

A completely separate website and LANSA Web Server Extension for each Visual LANSA configuration is enforced, so that there can be no conflict when upgrading or installing other Visual LANSA configurations. This means that each Visual LANSA configuration has to execute web requests on a different port. The installation of a new Visual LANSA configuration will default the port for the web site to the first available port starting from port 8080 (as it does now for the TCP/IP connection).

When upgrading a Visual LANSA system, you can create a new separate website (only needed if the current website is being shared). If we detect that the configuration is using multiple websites, you have to select one (or a new one) and all virtual folders will be consolidated into the chosen website. This allows those customers who have not already manually configured their existing Visual LANSA configurations to have a separate website, or the option to do so.