Wrapped Integrator Services for Easier RDMLX Use


For some JSM Services, commands can now be invoked by a simple method call. In addition, more common workflows are provided to invoke a single routine to perform a complete JSM Service transaction.

These new objects are shipped in Samples and Examples.


JSM Service Command reusable parts provide a method routine for each command in the Service. You can use them to construct your own workflow by invoking a succession of Method Routines associated with a service. 

For example using the ZipService you could invoke the methods JSMOpenandLoad, ZipOpen, ZipAddFile and JSMCloseandUnload to open a zip file and a file to it.


JSM Service Workflow reusable parts provide commonly used workflows, like the above example, as a single call to a method routine.  Each workflow is a sequence of calls to JSM Service Command routines.

In some cases, the user will need to copy the sample material and modify to their own requirements.  For example, in the case of ExcelService the specific format of the Excel data (number of columns, type of data etc.…) will need to be customised in the RDMLX code.