New LANSA Evaluation Installation

The LANSA V14 SP2 Evaluation install is downloadable from after registering on the LANSA web site:


The V14 SP2 Evaluation includes Freemium Cloud support.

The V14 SP2 Evaluation is a cut down version of the normal Installation. It installs an Independent Visual LANSA system with Version Control and the common default features (Visual LANSA, Web Administration, LANSA Web Server Extension, Web Images, Integrator JSM, Integrator Studio, LANSA Open and LANSA Connect).

There are two main differences to the normal installation:

One Dialog

There is only one dialog presented. This dialog is equivalent to the main installation’s “Options and Summary” dialog but it only has three options that need to be reviewed:



The first thing the evaluation installation does is request an evaluation license. If it cannot obtain an evaluation license, the installation will not continue.