New Source Code Formatting Options


Adjust Identifier Case

This option,  selected by default,  formats any identifier (variable, method, property or event name) according to its definition.

If you define a method:

MthRoutine Name(MyMethod)


And you use it like this:



The formatter will replace it with:



Auto Convert Unquoted Literals

This option,  selected by default, highlights the fact that RDML treats identifiers without quotes as upper-case strings. Therefore:

#STD_TEXT := hello


Is equivalent to:



Many users do not know this, and enter, for example:



Without realizing that STD_TEXT without the hash sign to indicate it is a field (#STD_TEXT) will be treated as a quoted string.

To help avoid this error, the editor will now change the string to:

#COM_OWNER.Caption := “STD_TEXT”


As soon as you leave the line.