Field Validation on Web Client

Repository field validation has been extended to web applications. This is a powerful new feature because it allows you to take full advantage of LANSA's repository rules with web applications.

You can use the Validate method to check a field or fields against the field-level and file-level rules defined at the repository level. This feature is available for Prim_MD.EditField, and also for PRIM_DLG (dialog) and PRIM_VIEW (view) controls. In the latter two cases the method checks all fields that are contained on that control.

For more information on how to use the Validate method see:

In a dialog, the Validate method is also used by the template when you select Build a Mobile Web Application, Start with a Template (in the Details Dialog). In VLF-ONE it is used when you use the SCRUD/CRUD wizard to create a business object (Validate is used with EditField).