2.1 Accessing the LANSA system

Accessing LANSA for the first time

For the very first access to the LANSA system, you must sign on to the IBM i as the user profile nominated as the LANSA partition security officer or the LANSA system owner.

The LANSA partition security officer is specified when a partition is created. The LANSA system owner user profile is specified during the installation procedures. Refer to the Installing LANSA on IBM i Guide.

The LANSA partition security officer or system owner profile must be used to allow other users to access LANSA.

The LANSA command

To access LANSA, execute the IBM i operating system command:

 <library name>/LANSA


 <library name>/LANSA DEVELOPER(A)

The <library name> is the name of the LANSA program library specified when LANSA was installed.

For more information about the LANSA command, you may use the F4 prompt key to display a complete list of parameters.

The 2.2 LANSA Main System Menu should now be displayed.