2.2 LANSA Main System Menu

The LANSA Main System Menu will appear something like this:


 pppSYSMENU                 Main System Menu                           


 Enter number of function or place cursor on same line and press Enter.


  6  1. Use a process                                                  

     2. Submit a process to batch                                      

     3. Field control menu                                             

     4. File control menu                                              

     5. Process control menu                                           

     6. Housekeeping menu                                              

     7. Display submitted jobs - workstation                           

     8. Display submitted jobs - user                                  

     9. Display workstation message queue                              

    10. Exit from LANSA                                                



 F1=Help  F3=Exit   F12=Cancel  F14=Messages                           



To start, select the Housekeeping menu.

To do this, you can either


The 2.3 Housekeeping Menu will then be displayed.

Note: The first 3 characters of the screen identifier show the partition in which you are working. For example, the demonstration partition would be DEMSYSMENU instead of  pppSYSMENU, as shown in this example.

Some of the other facilities accessible from this menu are covered in later in this guide.