Allowing Users Access to LANSA

To start, select the Review user access to LANSA system option on the Housekeeping Menu and press Enter. A screen requesting that you specify the name of the user is displayed:


 USRACCESS             Review / Change User Access                     


 Enter user name whose access rights to LANSA

                                         are to be displayed: ________ 



 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages                            



Enter the user profile name of the user (e.g. QPGMR, QSYSOPR, SUSAN, MURRAY, etc.) and press Enter. Note that the name can be no longer than 8 characters with routers using CPI-C communications. The Review / Change User Access screen is displayed:


 USRACCESS             Review / Change User Access                     


 Enter user name whose access rights to LANSA 

                                          are to be displayed: QPGMR    



 Menu name             Description of menu entry               Access

 MAIN SYSTEM MENU                                                      

                       Use a process                                   

                       Submit a process to batch                       

                       Field control menu                              

                       File control menu                               

                       Process control menu                            

                       Housekeeping menu                               

                       Display submitted jobs - workstation            

                       Display submitted jobs - user                   

                       Display workstation message queue               

                       Exit from LANSA                                 

 PROCESS CONTROL MENU                                                  

                       Create a new process definition                 

                       Review or change a process definition           

                       Delete a process definition                     

                       Compile a process from new or amended def.     +


 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages   F21=Change               



The Allow Access column indicates the user's current access to the related LANSA menu or specific menu entry.

Note that when there is more than one page of a screen display, it is indicated by a + sign at the bottom right of the screen. To scroll through all "pages", use the roll up and roll down keys on your workstation.

Press the Change function key (F21) to make the screen input capable.


 USRACCESS             Review / Change User Access                     


 Enter user name whose access rights to LANSA 

                                       are to be displayed: QPGMR    



 Menu name          Description of menu entry                 Access

 MAIN SYSTEM MENU                                                   

                    Use a process                                Y  

                    Submit a process to batch                    Y  

                    Field control menu                           Y 

                    File control menu                            Y  

                    Process control menu                         Y  

                    Housekeeping menu                            Y  

                    Display submitted jobs - workstation         Y  

                    Display submitted jobs - user                Y  

                    Display workstation message queue            Y  

                    Exit from LANSA                              Y  

 PROCESS CONTROL MENU                                               

                    Create a new process definition              Y  

                    Review or change a process definition        Y 

                    Delete a process definition                  Y  

                    Compile a process from new or amended def.   Y  

                    Review, change or create process HELP text   Y    +


 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages



Enter "Y" in each line in the column headed "Allow Access", as appropriate.

To remove a user's access to a specific menu item you simply blank out the relevant "Allow Access" entry.

When a "Y" has been entered against every required menu entry, press Enter. You will be requested to nominate the next user you wish to work with. Repeat these steps until all users have been given access to LANSA.

When you have finished, use the Exit function key (F3) to return to the LANSA Main System Menu.

If you would like more details, refer to User Access to the LANSA System in the LANSA for i User Guide.