5.2 Make non-LANSA IBM i Files known to LANSA

LANSA provides easy to use facilities to load the definition of existing IBM i files and fields into the Repository. You can load your definitions:

There are no restrictions regarding naming conventions or file structure or any restriction on the IBM i software used to create the application which owns the file.

Since the physical file and any associated logical files already exist, you only load the definition of the files into LANSA. You will continue to maintain the definition of the file outside the LANSA system (i.e. in the DDS). Once the file's definition has been loaded and the associated I/O module created, the file's contents can be accessed through LANSA just like any other LANSA maintained file.

When a physical file is to be changed, you must change the definition outside LANSA and then re-load it into LANSA as described in 5.2.2 Re-load a single non-LANSA IBM i File Definition.

Note: An external file's attributes can be changed to allow you to maintain it using LANSA, however, if you do this, you must be aware of the consequences to existing applications that already use the file.


For more details about using existing files with LANSA, refer to these topics in the LANSA for i User Guide: