Step 2. Select the files to be loaded or reloaded

All OTHER physical files matching the search criteria and their associated logical files are displayed.


 LS@0001158           Bulk Load of OTHER files                        


   7=Load definition              27=Display details                  



     File             Library     LANSA                               

  7  PF  PR0001       PAYLIB        Y    Personnel Details            

  _  LF  PR0001L1     PAYLIB                                          

  7  LF  PR0001L2     PAYLIB        Y                                 

  7  PF  PR0002       PAYLIB             Employee History             

  7  LF  PR0002L1     PAYLIB                                          

  _  LF  PR0002L2     PAYLIB                                          




 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Prompt  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages             



The file details displayed are:

  • PF indicates that this is a physical file, LF indicates that this is a logical file belonging to the previous physical file.
  • The IBM i file name.
  • Y in the LANSA column indicates that the file definition has previously been loaded into LANSA.
  • The description of each physical file.
  • You can display the details of any file by entering option 27 (Display Details) to the left of the file. The IBM i DSPFD details will be shown.

    To load or re-load the definition, enter 7 to the left of each of the required files. A logical file cannot be loaded by itself. It must be loaded with its associated physical file. Not all logical files need to be loaded. Load only those which you wish to use with LANSA.

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