5.4 Review the File Definitions

Once you have loaded an existing file's definitions or created a new file, you may wish to add:

5.4.1 Field Validation Rules and Triggers

5.4.2 Help Text

5.4.3 Access Routes to other files

5.4.4 Predetermined Join Fields

Before your selected option screen is displayed, you will be asked to nominate the file you wish to work with using the screens described in 5.4.5 Nominate the File to work with.

Use as many file level validation checks as possible, as by doing so:


You can find complete details of the Repository file options in Files in the LANSA for i User Guide.

If possible, file definition maintenance should be assigned as a task to one person within a project team or even to one person within an organization, to ensure that:

The steps to review the file definition are:

1.  From the Housekeeping Menu select the File Control Menu line.

2.  From the File Control Menu, select the Review or change a file definition line.

3.  Nominate the file you wish to work with via the Select File to Work with screens.

4.  The File Definition menu is displayed.

5.  Select the required option from the menu and press Enter.