6.2.1 Step 1. Choose Your Method

1.  Start from Main System Menu.


 PppSYSMENU                 Main System Menu                           


 Enter number of function or place cursor on same line and press Enter.


  3  1. Use a process                                                  

     2. Submit a process to batch                                      

     3. Field control menu                                             

     4. File control menu                                              

     5. Process control menu                                           

     6. Housekeeping menu                                              

     7. Display submitted jobs - workstation                           

     8. Display submitted jobs - user                                  

     9. Display workstation message queue                              

    10. Exit from LANSA                                                


 F1=Help  F3=Exit   F12=Cancel  F14=Messages     



2.  Select the Field Control menu option. The Field Control Menu screen is displayed.


 PppDICMENU                 Field Control Menu                         


 Enter number of function or place cursor on same line and press Enter.


  1  1. Create new field definitions                                   

     2. Review or change field definitions                             

     3. Review or change field multilingual attributes                 

     4. Review, change or create field validation checks               

     5. Review, change or create field HELP text                       

     6. Print field definitions                                        

     7. Create new system variable definitions                         

     8. Review or change system variable definitions                   

     9. Create new multilingual variables                              

    10. Review or change multilingual variables                        

    11. Create or re-create a field reference file                     

    12. Exit from LANSA                                                


 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages      



3.  From the Field Control Menu, select the Create new field definitions option.

           The Create Field Copy Options screen is displayed.  

 DC@P100101               Create Field Copy Options




To create this new field by 

                   copying an existing field specify details below:


  Either copy field          which exists in the  LANSA data dictionary

  Or     copy field          from file           in lib     *LIBL






     Otherwise press ENTER to proceed without copying an existing field






 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F4=Prompt  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages



4.  Enter either:

a)  the name of the field to be copied. This field's definition will be copied to the new field. You will then be given the option of copying to the new field all this field's help text and multilingual definitions, and either selecting or copying all of this field's validation rules and triggers.

b)  the name of a non-LANSA field to be copied, the file and library in which it will be found.


c)  leave blank and press Enter. The Add Data Dictionary Field screen will be displayed for you to enter the new field's definitions.

   Note: Virtual fields must be created manually.

Go to 6.2.2 Step 2. Add/Modify the Field's Definitions.