6.3 Modify Field Definitions

The same steps are followed to find your field and amend it, regardless of how it was created.

1.  Start from the Main System Menu.


 PppSYSMENU                 Main System Menu                           


 Enter number of function or place cursor on same line and press Enter.


  3  1. Use a process                                                  

     2. Submit a process to batch                                      

     3. Field control menu                                             

     4. File control menu                                              

     5. Process control menu                                           

     6. Housekeeping menu                                              

     7. Display submitted jobs - workstation                           

     8. Display submitted jobs - user                                  

     9. Display workstation message queue                              

    10. Exit from LANSA                                                


 F1=Help  F3=Exit   F12=Cancel  F14=Messages      



2.  Select the Field Control menu option. This menu displays all the Repository's field options.


 PppDICMENU                 Field Control Menu                         


 Enter number of function or place cursor on same line and press Enter.


  2  1. Create new field definitions                                   

     2. Review or change field definitions                             

     3. Review or change field multilingual attributes                 

     4. Review, change or create field validation checks               

     5. Review, change or create field HELP text                       

     6. Print field definitions                                        

     7. Create new system variable definitions                         

     8. Review or change system variable definitions                   

     9. Create new multilingual variables                              

    10. Review or change multilingual variables                        

    11. Create or re-create a field reference file                     

    12. Exit from LANSA                                                


 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages       



3.  To modify a field's definition, select the Review or change field definitions option and press Enter. The Select Field to Work screen is displayed so that you can nominate the field you wish to change.


 SELFIELD                  Select Field to Work with                   


 Enter full or partial name of the data dictionary field(s) to be 

 Worked with or leave blank to select from all fields 

                                        in dictionary . . . __________ 




 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages       



4.  Press Enter after specifying either:

5.  If you did not specify an actual field name, the screen is returned with a list of fields as shown in this example using the partial field name DEM:


 SELFIELD                  Select Field to Work with                   


 Enter full or partial name of the data dictionary field(s) to be 

 Worked with or leave blank to select from all fields 

                                        in dictionary . . .  DEM       


 Sel Field       Description                           Type  Len  Dec  

  _  DEMAD1      Address line 1                         A     25       

  _  DEMAD2      Address line 2                         A     25       

  _  DEMAD3      Address line 3                         A     25       

  _  DEMCAT      Product category                       A     10       

  _  DEMCSC      Cost center                            A      3       

  _  DEMCUS      Customer number                        A      6       

  _  DEMDDS      Division name in full                  A     30       

  _  DEMDIV      Division number                        A      2       

  _  DEMDUE      Date order due                         P      6       

  X  DEMENT      Borrower Type                          A      1       

  _  DEMNAC      Name code                              A      6       

  _  DEMNAM      Name                                   A     25       


 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages       



6.  Place a non blank character next to the field name required and press Enter.

   The Change Data Dictionary Field screen is displayed for the field you have selected, in this case DEMENT. Any existing details are displayed:


 DC@P100102                Change Data Dictionary Field    


 Field name                  : DEMENT                                  

 Type (A,P,S) / Keybd shift  : A  /  _                                 

 Length / total digits       :   1                                     

 Number of decimal positions : _                                       

 Reference field             : __________                              


 Description    ( ENG )      : Borrower Type                           

 Label          ( ENG )      : Borrower Type                           

 Column headings   ( ENG )   : Borrower                                



 Output attributes list      : _____________________________________   

 Input attributes list       : FE                                      

 Edit code / Edit word       : _ / ________________________            

 Default value               : 'S'                                     

 Optional alias name         : ______________________________          

 System field                : NO                                      

 Prompting process/function  : __________ / _______                    

 Initial public access       : NORMAL (ALL, NORMAL, NONE)              


 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages  F21=Change  F22=Delete    



These entries are the same as on the Add Data Dictionary Field screen. Refer to the Add Data Dictionary Field screen in 6.2 Create New Fields, for notes about this screen's entries.

The underlined areas indicate the details that can be changed.

Once you are satisfied that your field definitions are complete, you should add or review the field's options, described in 6.4 Add or Modify Field Options.