7. LANSA Education

Proper training is essential to the success of any enterprise. Getting the right training with LANSA is essential to your success with the product.

The LANSA Training Program allows you to get the right training for the right people at the right time.

The overall objectives of the LANSA Training Program are to:

We strongly recommend instructor-based training for your staff. Instructors can provide immediate answers to questions and provide valuable insights into using the product. Contact your local LANSA vendor for details and schedules of their instructor-based training courses or review the courses offered via the Services menu at the LANSA web site.

Alternatively, LANSA offers cloud-based eLearning training that makes learning accessible on nearly any browsing device. LANSA's eLearning provides a cost-effective way for staff to reinforce concepts and skills learned in classroom training, or to learn new material, in a flexible learning environment. eLearning allows you to learn on your own schedule, at your own pace.

eLearning is a subscription based package. This allows new staff or anyone looking for a refresher to take the equivalent of the actual classroom training curriculum we've offered over the years as often as they like.

The exercises provided with both classroom and elearning are also supplied with the LANSA online documentation which you can access from the LANSA documentation server. These exercises are ideal for quick refresher for anyone. The exercise IDs are the same throughout. You will find them under the heading Tutorial.

Training is not compulsory; however, proper training will allow you to get the best return on your investment in LANSA.