5.4.5 Nominate the File to work with

Whatever method you use to create your LANSA files, once they have been created or made known to LANSA, you will always follow the same steps to select the file you wish to do further work with.

Because these steps are always the same, they are not repeated throughout this chapter.

Wherever you need to specify the file to work with, you will work through the following screens. In this guide, these steps are referred to as "nominate the file you wish to work with".

Follow these steps to "nominate the file you wish to work with":

1.  From the Main System menu, select the File Control Menu option.


 pppFILMENU                  File Control Menu                         


 Enter number of function or place cursor on same line and press Enter.


  2  1. Create a new file definition                                   

     2. Review or change a file definition                             

     3. Delete a file definition                                       

     4. Make new or amended file definition operational                

     5. Print file definitions                                         

     6. Bulk Load of OTHER files                                       

     7. Exit from LANSA                                             





 F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages                            




     Menu items 2 through to 5 will all request you to nominate the file you wish to work with. In this example, select the Review or change field definitions option and press Enter.

2.  The Select File to Work with screen is displayed.

     Note: The partition in which you are working will replace the ppp shown in this screen's identifier. For example, the demonstration partition would be DEMFILMENU.


 pppSELFILE            Select File to Work with         

 Enter full or partial name of the file definition(s) to be worked

 with or leave blank to select from all file definitions  ____________ 







  F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages 



3.  Specify:

  • the name of the file you wish to work with
  • part of the name, to obtain a list of the files with names which generically match the characters entered
  • leave the name blank, to obtain a list of all files.
  •      If you did not specify an actual file name, the screen is returned with a list of files, as shown in this example with the partial file name DEM:


     SELFILE                   Select File to Work with          


     Enter full or partial name of the file definition(s) to be worked     

     with or leave blank to select from all file definitions . . DEM       


     Sel  File         Library      Description                            

      _   DEMDIVN      DC@DEMOLIB   Table of valid company divisions       

      _   DEMHEAD      DC@DEMOLIB   Demo Order Header File                 

      _   DEMLINE      DC@DEMOLIB   Demo Order Lines File                  

      X   DEMNAME      DC@DEMOLIB   Demo Names File                        

      _   DEMPROD      DC@DEMOLIB   Product master file                    




      F1=Help  F3=Exit  F12=Cancel  F14=Messages           



    4.  Roll up and down the list using your Up/Down arrow keys, if the list extends over one page.

         You can change your selection to repeat the search, if required.

    5.  Select a file to work with by placing any character in the Sel column on the same line and pressing Enter.

    Once you have nominated the file you wish to work with, the File Definition menu is displayed for you to choose which action you wish to take.