5.4 Task Tracking

Task Tracking will record all development work performed in LANSA at partition level on the following LANSA objects:

Whenever the term 'object' is used in relation to task tracking, it is intended to describe one or all of these objects.

Task Tracking is used to keep a history of all work performed on objects for a particular task and then the task identifier can be used to export all objects worked on for a task.

To do this, task tracking enforces locks when changing or deleting objects. An object which is locked to one task cannot be used by another task.

When setting up task tracking you need to consider how much control you want to maintain over the development effort, how much administration overhead you are willing to bear, how big your team is and whether development needs to be controlled by individual developer or by product or by both.

For example:

You set the user's Task Tracking options when you create (or amend) a partition, as described in 5.8.2 Partition Definitions - Create, Change or Delete.