3.13.2 Display All Existing Rules and Triggers

A screen similar to this example will be displayed for each of the fields chosen from the preceding display. It shows all rules and triggers that currently exist for the chosen field.

Remember that this work is being performed at the FILE level. Thus these conditions apply when working with the rules and triggers:


 DC@P700101                Select Rule / Trigger                       





Sel Seq Description                Type            Source         A/C/D

       **** DICTIONARY RULES ****                                      

 _  10 Check not blank.           LIST OF VALUES  DATA DICTIONARY Y Y Y

 _  20 Check valid number range   RANGE OF VALUES DATA DICTIONARY Y Y Y

       *** DICTIONARY TRIGGERS ***                                     

 _  10 Print field value          TRIGGER         DATA DICTIONARY      




 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Add/Create  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages          




Note: File name is only displayed when working at file level.

Working from the Select Rule / Trigger screen you can:

The method by which existing rules and triggers can be reviewed, changed or deleted, is described in detail for Fields. While the Field description applies to dictionary level rules and triggers, the displays used and input requirements are absolutely identical for File level rules and triggers.