4.8 Process Help Text

HELP text is information that is displayed to the user when the HELP key is used.

Generally HELP text has these characteristics:

LANSA automatically controls the handling of the HELP key. In addition LANSA will automatically determine the type of HELP that is required (field, process or function) and automatically display the associated HELP text (if any exists).

LANSA can dynamically, and in the correct language, create the HELP text associated with a field from the dictionary and the rules that it contains. You can turn off this automatic field level help text feature: globally, by field, or precede it with your own HELP text.

What LANSA cannot do is create the free format HELP text that is associated with the processes or functions. This is generally the task of the person who creates the process or function.

Once the HELP text has been entered, LANSA will automatically display it at the appropriate time.

The actual method used by LANSA to display HELP text is described in some detail in the Messages and the Help Key.

Refer to Field Help Text for information about how field HELP text is entered.

The following topics describe how HELP text is entered for processes or functions:

4.8.1 Steps to Create or Change Process HELP Text

4.8.2 Choose the Process or Function HELP Text

4.8.3 HELP Text Copy Options

4.8.4 Using the IBM Source Entry Utility SEU (Source Entry Utility)

4.8.5 Use Special Characters to Enhance HELP Text

4.8.6 Use Substitution/Control Values in HELP Text

4.8.7 Substitution/Control Values for Windows-specific HELP Text

4.8.8 Exit from the SEU Utility