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4.13.2 Exit from the Process Definition Menu (Function Status)

Whenever the Cancel function key is used to exit from the process definition menu (and return to the process control menu) a function status display similar to the following example will be result:


 STSFUNCTN                 Status of RDML Functions                    



 Function Use Description and messages                                 

 ADDCUST  YES Add new customer details to system                       

 BRWCUST  NO  Browse / change customer details                         

              The RDML commands have been manually changed.            

              Compile/recompile this function before attempting to use 

 ADDORD   NO  Add details of a new order to the system                 

              The RDML commands have been manually changed.            

              Compile/recompile this function before attempting to use 

 BRWORD   YES Bowse order details                                      




 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



This screen displays the current status of all functions defined within the process that was being worked on from the process definition menu.

The screen is presented as a "wrap up screen" when you have completed the specification of a new process or reviewed/changed an existing process. Details presented include:

On the example screen shown it can be seen that functions BRWCUST and ADDORD have had their associated RDML programs modified. As such they must be re-compiled before they can be used. Functions ADDCUST and BRWORD have not been changed at all and can still be used.