4.19 Special Entries on the Process Menu

"Special entries" on the process menu are IBM i CL (control language) commands that have been defined to LANSA using this facility.

Any IBM i CL command that can be executed via IBM supplied programs QCMDEXC or QCAEXEC, can be included onto a process's main menu.

In addition, the command can be "prompted" at the time it is being used to allow you to specify or change the associated parameters.

CL commands that allow you to display or control your own jobs are most commonly included on the process's main menu. Some of these include:


Work with submitted jobs


Work with current job


Work with output queue


Work with job queue


Display message queue


Send a message


For more information about the CL commands available on the IBM i and the programs QCMDEXC and QCAEXEC that are used to execute them, refer to the appropriate IBM supplied manual.