4.22.2 Process Parameters Maintenance

When the option to define, review or change a process's parameters is chosen from the process definition menu a screen similar to the following example will result:


 DC@P301701              Parameters Passed to Process                  




   User                             Length                             

   Parameter  Symbolic              /Total   Dec                       

   Number     Name      Type        Digits   Pos  Description          

   01         *UP01     ______      ___      _    _______________      

   02         *UP02     ______      ___      _    _______________      

   03         *UP03     ______      ___      _    _______________      

   04         *UP04     ______      ___      _    _______________      

   05         *UP05     ______      ___      _    _______________      

   06         *UP06     ______      ___      _    _______________      

   07         *UP07     ______      ___      _    _______________      

   08         *UP08     ______      ___      _    _______________      

   09         *UP09     ______      ___      _    _______________      

   10         *UP10     ______      ___      _    _______________      


 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                          



From the Parameters Passed to Process screen it is possible to:

Process parameters must be used sequentially. To assign 3 process parameters you must use the symbolic names *UP01, *UP02 and *UP03. It is not possible to use symbolic names *UP01, *UP04 and *UP09.

Note that when a process parameter is changed or deleted no check is made for references to (or contextual usage of) the parameter in any associated RDML commands. Changes or deletions may cause errors to occur when compiling the associated RDML commands. In such cases, correct the associated RDML commands and submit the compile request again.

When changes are made to the parameters defined in a process all functions in the process are flagged as "requiring re-compilation". All functions in the process must be re-compiled before they can be used again.

Input Options

The following input options apply to defining or changing the parameters associated with a process:

Parameter Number

Output field. Specifies the number associated with the parameter. From 0 to 10 parameters can be defined for any process.

Symbolic Name

Output field. Indicates the symbolic name that will be associated with the parameter if it is used. This is the name that is used in associated RDML commands to reference the parameter.


Specifies the type of parameter that is to be defined. Allowable values are:


The parameter is to be alphanumeric.


The parameter is to be numeric. If this option is used the parameter is in fact defined as a packed variable as this format is easiest to pass.


Length / Total Digits

Specifies the length for type ALPHA parameters or the total number of digits (including decimals) for NUMBER parameters.

For type ALPHA parameters the length specified must be in the range 1 to 256.

For type NUMBER parameters the total number of digits must be in the range 1 to 15 and not less than the number of decimal positions specified.

Dec Pos

Specifies the number of decimals for type NUMBER parameters only. The number of decimals specified must be in the range 0 to 9 and less than or equal to the total number of digits specified.


Specifies a short description that is to be associated with the parameter. If it is necessary for LANSA to display a data entry screen for specification of parameter values this description will be displayed to aid the user. A brief description of every process parameter that is defined must be supplied.

For more details on how and when LANSA will request that parameter values be specified refer to 4.10 Use/Execute a Process from a Workstation and 4.11 Submit a Process to Batch.