5.5.2 Create a Task Identifier

When option 1=Create is chosen from the Work with Tasks menu, the Create Task Identifier screen is displayed.


  [email protected]                 Create Task Identifier                    


  Type new Task Identifier details and press Enter.                    


   Task Identifier . . . . *TSK4075                                   


   Description . . . . . . ______________________________

   Authorized users  . . . ______________________________


   Task status . . . . . . OPN                            


  Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages                         



All the entries on the Create Task Identifier screen are mandatory.

Task Identifier

Mandatory. The unique identifier of this new Task. This is a free format field of up to 8 characters long. The value entered is 'right blank' adjusted.

The first two (left most) characters of the Task Identifier should conform to the codes set in positions 640-645 of data area [email protected] These codes indicate the type of task tracking that you wish to use with this Task. If you're not familiar with the different types of task tracking you can use, refer to 5.4.2 Choose Your Task Tracking Approach

Note that task identifiers are shared across all partitions, they are not unique in each partition.

You can set the codes using the Product level task tracking option in Work with Task settings.


Mandatory. A description of the task identifier. This will appear on all lists and reports of task identifiers.

Authorized Users

Mandatory. Authorized user/group profiles that can work under the task. At least one and up to ten valid system user/group profiles can be entered. All user/group profiles not defined cannot use this task identifier except for QSECOFR, the QSECOFR group, or the Partition security officer user/group profile.

Task Status

Mandatory. The current status of the task. Task default is initially OPN (Task is Open). Other valid task status values are WRK (Work is being/has been performed), CLS (Task is Closed) and FIN (Task is Finished).

When you have entered all the new task identifier's details and pressed Enter, you will be prompted to enter another new task identifier.

Note: Task Identifiers can be used in any partition within the LANSA system but it is recommended that a task identifier should be allocated for use in one partition only.