5.11.4 Select the Maintenance Access Path

Once the physical file that is maintained has been selected, a screen similar to the following example will be displayed:


 DC@P201101           Select Maintenance File to use     


 File :  DEMNAME    DC@DEMOLIB Demo Names File           


 From list choose view of this file that is to be used for maintenance 


 Sel  File       Description / Access key information                  

  _   DEMNAME    Customer master file                                  

                 Access by : DEMNAC     Name code                      


  _   DEMNAMEN   View of customer master by customer name              

                 Access by : DEMNAM     Name                           



  _   DEMNAMEP   View of customer master by postcode                   

                 Access by : DEMPCD     Postcode                 



 Fnn=Help  Fnn=Exit  Fnn=Cancel  Fnn=Messages        



This screen displays the details of the physical file selected and all available logical views. For each file the name, library, description and key information is shown.

In the example screen shown the physical file is called DEMNAME and is keyed by 'Name code'. Additional logical views DEMNAMEN (keyed by 'Name') and DEMNAMEP (keyed by 'Post code') are also available and either could be selected as an alternative access path to DEMNAME.

Select either the physical file or one of the associated logical views. This step is described as 'selecting the maintenance access path' because you are effectively choosing the 'access path' through which maintenance is to be performed.

Note that the selection of the most suitable logical view (or access path) is only important when you wish to do direct record inquires or browse the file because the key(s) of the logical file influences: