10.3.6 Work with ILE Modules

When you select ILE Modules from the Work with Configuration Items screen, the Work with ILE Modules screen is displayed.

In this example Other Vendor ILE Modules (ILE_EXT_OV_MOD) was selected. A similar screen is displayed if you select User Defined ILE Modules (ILE_EXT_UD_MOD).


  DC@P40201           Work with ILE Modules - Other Vendor


   Type options, press Enter. 



  Sel     ILE Module      Service Program

  __       MD@P001          SP@SXXX 

  __       MD@P002          SP@SXXX 

  __       MD@P003          SP@SXXX 

  __       MD@P004          SP@SXXX 

  __       MD@P005          SP@SXXX 

  __       MD@P006          SP@SXXX 

  __       MD@P007          SP@SXXX 

  __       MD@P008          SP@SXXX                             +


  F1=Help  F3=Exit  F6=Create  F12=Cancel  F14=Msgs



This screen lists all the ILE Modules/Service Programs for the selected owner type (i.e. User Defined or Other vendor).

Using this display it is possible to: