2.1.4 Visual LANSA Administration

The administration of Visual LANSA focuses on the specific tasks for configuring and controlling the Visual LANSA environment and software. These are tasks that are performed by LANSA system administrators or developers after the software has been installed. Some administration tasks, such as partition and user setup, are required prior to the developers using the development environment.

Visual LANSA Administration tasks include the following types of activities:

Depending upon your development model and site standards, administration tasks may be completed by a single LANSA System Administrator or by individual LANSA developers. In most cases, the administration tasks will be shared based on the significance and scope of the changes being made. It is strongly recommended that site standards be defined for the administration of your LANSA Systems.

The setting of specific Visual LANSA Editor features is considered to be part of the user interface management and is the responsibility of individual developers. For details of these editor settings, refer to the Visual LANSA User Guide.

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