4.1 VCS Master Setup for Vault VCS

These instructions are aimed at settings up a VCS (Version Control System) Master in general, using Vault (from sourcegear) as an example VCS. These instructions are more generic in nature than 4.2 VCS Master Setup for Git VCS in the Cloud (Git is an open source VCS).

For information, refer to the following:

4.1.1 Considerations when Installing a New VCS Master for Vault VCS

4.1.2 Migrating a Partition from a Slave to a VCS Master for Vault VCS

4.1.3 Setting up 2nd and Subsequent Developers to use a VCS Master for Vault VCS

4.1.4 Release Management with a VCS Master for Vault VCS

4.1.5 Upgrading a VCS Master for Vault VCS

Tip: Visual LANSA does not detect differences between the Vault Repository and the VCS Working Folder.

When you modify an object in the Development Environment it saves a copy to the VCS Working Folder and this is then picked up by the VCS as a difference.

When you import into the Repository it is not saved into the VCS Working Folder. You must explicitly save the set of objects to the working folder.

A useful tool for this is to always use the Development Environment Import which has an option to create a Repository list. You can then use that list to save all the imported objects to the VCS working Folder.