3.3.1 User ID

Specify the User ID defined to access LANSA. The User ID determines your authority level within LANSA. You are given three attempts to log on to Visual LANSA. User ID is not case sensitive.

Visual LANSA User ID and Passwords are set up in the Master Repository.

If you are using a Slave System with an IBM i Master Repository, you may need to update the User ID details in the Visual LANSA System Definition using 4.3 System Initialization and selecting the 4.3.13 Enrolled PC Users option. This option will retrieve the most current list of all User ID authorized to use LANSA.

If you are using a Visual LANSA Master or Independent System, you can maintain user profiles by opening the appropriate user from the Users listed in the System Information list in the Repository tab or creating a new User by pressing the New button on the toolbar.

If you are using Single Sign-On and select the 3.3.3 Use Windows Credentials option, you don't need to enter a User ID and Password.