4.3.3 Connect to Master

If your 4.3.2 LANSA System Type is a Slave System, then specify the IBM i Master Repository to connect to to retrieve the LANSA System Definitions.

This option and the 4.3.4 Location of Imports option, on the Options Tab of the LANSA Editor, determine the source of the information used to retrieve 4.3.5 RDML Command Definitions4.3.6 Standard Application Templates, 4.3.7 Standard Built-in Function Definitions and  4.3.8 Standard System Message File.


If you connect to an IBM i Master, you will need to specify the Connection details:

4.3.16 Master's LU Name

4.3.17 Master's User Name

4.3.18 Master's Password

4.3.20 Client -> Server Translation Table

4.3.21 Server -> Client Translation Table