3.2 Visual LANSA Logon with a VCS Master

The Visual LANSA Logon is used to start a Visual LANSA session and optionally initialize the LANSA environment.

To start a Visual LANSA session, choose the Partition and text language to display in the IDE and click OK.

For information, refer to the following:

3.3.4 Partition

3.3.5 Current Language

4.3 System Initialization

4.4 Partition Initialization

Security and Task ID are not required for Visual LANSA when using a VCS Master. The authority to objects is obtained from the VCS itself. That is, you will need to logon to the VCS Master external to LANSA and the VCS Master will control which objects you may access and to what degree.

The VCS may also have a mechanism for assigning work like a bug report, or a job or a task.