4.2.6 Release Management with a VCS Master for Git in the Cloud

A VCS Master provides the ability to maintain multiple releases of an application by branching the code base when the application is released. This allows fixes to released software to be completely isolated from new development, allowing for more stable maintenance releases. Many VCS also semi-automate the task of merging the changes from the latest version to a released version, or vice versa, making it a practical form of software control.

The act of branching your software also requires all developers who will maintain that release of software to install a new LANSA System. This will be in a separate folder using a separate LANSA Repository. Follow the instructions in 4.2.5 Setting up 2nd and Subsequent Developers to use a VCS Master for Git in the Cloud.

Note that it is particularly important to keep the Build PC stable. This means changing as little as possible on that machine.

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