4.2.7 Upgrading a VCS Master for Git in the Cloud

Upgrading an existing Independent Windows Workstation that uses a VCS Master is a matter of ensuring that all developers using the VCS Master upgrade at the same time. Refer to Upgrade LANSA on Windows in the Installing or Upgrading LANSA on Windows Guide.

You may need to consider the requirement to maintain released software that was built with a prior version of LANSA. If this is the case you will need to keep the current installation and install a new system to develop your next release. This will be in a separate folder using a separate LANSA Repository.

On the VCS Master you will also need to have branched the released software into a separate location. The VCS working folder of the released system will point to the current LANSA System. See 4.2.6 Release Management with a VCS Master for Git in the Cloud.