5.2.3 Access the Master System

Refresh Master Object List and Repository Synchronization use the LANSA Host Monitor to propagate LANSA objects and LANSA systems information between a LANSA for i Master System and a Visual LANSA Slave System. Specifically, the following tasks may be performed:

The LANSA Host Monitor and Repository tab are fully integrated into Visual LANSA. They are not separate applications running along side the LANSA Editor. For example, it is not possible to submit a large check in request and then close LANSA. The Host Monitor will be shut down when LANSA shuts down and all communication with the Master System is terminated.

Visual LANSA incorporates Check In, Check Out and Propagation tabs to detail any movement of objects and information between the LANSA for i Master system and the Visual LANSA Slave systems. Repository Synchronization and 5.10 Refresh Master Object List movements are detailed under the Propagation tab.

Tip: If you are checking out a large number of objects, you may wish to use a LANSA Import.