5.1 Remote System Terms

The following table lists the various terms used:

Master system

The system that owns the LANSA object and system definitions. For a further definition, refer to Master and Slave Systems.

Only an IBM i LANSA system or a Version Control System may be a Master system.

Slave system

A Visual LANSA system that is linked to an IBM i Master system.

Only a Windows Visual LANSA system may be a Slave system.

Independent system

A Visual LANSA system that does not link to a Master or act as a server.

Independent system to a VCS Master

A Visual LANSA system that links to a VCS Master.

Deployment system

A Deployment System is a remote system that receives object and system definitions from a Visual LANSA System.

A Deployment System is defined in the Visual LANSA System which connects to and delivers objects to the Deployment System.

Only an IBM i LANSA System or a Linux System may be set up to act as a Deployment System.

Remote System

A Remote System is any LANSA system which the Visual LANSA system can automatically connect to for the purpose of LANSA objects and system definitions. Remote Systems encompass Deployment Systems and the Master System.

Remote System Monitor

Remote System Monitors manage connections and jobs for remote Master or Deployment Systems.

Host Monitor

A kind of Remote System Monitor; it is used to move definitions between the Slave and the Master.