5.14 Select/Create a task for the Deliver To process

This step is only required for Deployment Systems with IBM i build environment.

In order to deliver objects to an IBM i deployment system, you must have a valid task ID for the target system on hand. This is regardless of whether you are developing on a Slave system, or on a Standalone/VCS system (in which case Tasks are irrelevant to the Windows development process).

You will be prompted to enter/select the task ID when connecting to the Remote System, and the connection will fail if the task does not exist or is invalid on the remote system. Even if the object is assigned to a task on the PC (that is, on a Slave system), it will use the task selected during the connection for delivering the object to the Remote System.

The selected Task is assigned to the object on the IBM i, overwriting any current Task assignment on IBM i. If the Task is a special task which has Unlock on Check In set to Yes, the Task Id will be cleared on IBM i.

Refer to Working with Tasks in the LANSA for i User Guide for information about creating tasks on IBM i.