5.8 Propagation

Repository Synchronization is a feature that allows changes made to a LANSA for i Master Repository to be automatically propagated to Visual LANSA Slave Repositories in order to maintain current object information and relevant system information in the Slave Repositories.

For example, if a Visual LANSA developer checks in a new field to the LANSA for i Repository, the new field would be propagated to other Visual LANSA Slave Repositories in order to match the LANSA for i Master System.

When a field is deleted from the Repository, this change may also need to be propagated. The Repository Synchronization Options in Visual LANSA control how deleted objects are propagated.

Alternatively, if Repository Synchronization is not in use, Visual LANSA users must manually execute the 5.10 Refresh Master Object List to see this new field. They can then check out the field to get the field definition in their local repository if required.