6.1.3 Impact Analysis Concepts

Impact analysis helps you to evaluate how a change to an object might affect other objects or an application. For example, if the length of the EMPNO field were increased from 7 characters to 10 characters, what objects would be affected by this change? What files must be recompiled? What application programs would have to be reviewed? How do you find a list of all impacted objects?

Impact analysis tools are an important part of an overall change management strategy. Impact analysis is often the starting point to identify all objects that are impacted by a change. The resulting list of impacted objects can be used to create a unit of work that can be controlled using 6.1.2 Task Tracking Concepts.

Visual LANSA supports impact analysis in a number of ways:

With Visual LANSA's impact analysis features, you can search for LANSA objects that have particular features and then find out what relationship those objects have to other LANSA objects. A list of the objects found can be built up and held in an impact list. Refer to Repository Find in the Visual LANSA User Guide.

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