6.2.4 What Happens When Task Tracking Is Active?

When task tracking has been activated for a partition, all development work within LANSA will be monitored. When an object is selected (to create, compile, change, delete or review), task tracking will execute the following procedures every time:

1.  After the user has selected an object to work with and the normal LANSA object security checks have allowed work to commence, task tracking makes sure that:

2.  After the user has completed work on the selected object, task tracking does the following:

3.  If work has completed successfully for the object, LANSA internal database files are updated with the object changes and the Task Tracking database files are updated with the details of the events that have taken place.

Note: The current user Task ID is shown in the Visual LANSA status bar. The Task ID locked to an object can be displayed in the repository.

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