6.2.6 Task Tracking and Import/Export

When creating an export list on LANSA for i, you can add all objects to the export list (fields, files, functions, processes, application templates, system variables, multilingual variables and web components) for the current partition that have been worked on under a task identifier. This process can be repeated within a single export list to include more than one task identifier.

All task identifiers that are currently set to 'CLS' (Closed) status, and that the user is authorized to, will be available for selection to export. When a task identifier has been selected, all objects for the current partition that have been worked on under the task identifier will be automatically included in the export list.

The ability to include objects in export lists based on tasks is very helpful when using a Full Task-Oriented Tracking approach. All objects for a unit of work can be exported from a development system to a test or production system.

The Visual LANSA Deployment tool also has the ability to add objects to packages based on task.

Also See

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