6.3.5 Synchronization Options in Visual LANSA

Options are available within the Visual LANSA Partition Maintenance settings to control the action of propagated deletes. These are:

Selecting the Ignore propagated deletes option will cause propagated deletes to be ignored. When an object is deleted in LANSA for i, the local Visual LANSA repository is not updated.

Selecting the Perform checks before propagating option will cause propagated deletes to perform referential integrity checks before performing the delete. This will prevent, for example, the deletion of a field that has been used on a local file.

When repository groups are added (but not creating PC definitions), a refresh of PC definitions is not required. The next Check In made from a PC in a repository group will be propagated to the other repositories.

When new PCs are defined, the enrolled PCs must be updated. Refer to Maintaining Users and Tasks on Slave Systems for information.

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