Full Task-Oriented Tracking

Full task-oriented task tracking assigns a new task identifier for each new unit of work to be performed on any product to ensure that development work is carefully controlled. Small incremental changes can be controlled and migrated. A unit of work can be a new product feature or a product fix. When a task is completed, the task identifier is closed and removed from use. This style of task tracking is suited for large sites, for sites with task-oriented methodologies, and sites with product and developer crossover. It is recommended for large, professional development teams. It should be noted that it involves a relatively high level of planning and administration.

This approach uses normal Task IDs, i.e. Special Task IDs are not required. Developers are assigned a new task identifier for each new unit of work they perform on any product. Tasks could involve multiple developers and/or multiple products.

A typical development cycle might be as follows:

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