Tracking By Developer

Task Tracking by developer assigns a single Task ID to a developer and is suited to small teams where there is little crossover between developers. Each developer uses their own task identifier regardless of the product they are working on. This approach primarily provides an audit trail of a developer's work. There are no product completion points as tasks can stay open indefinitely.

To use Task Tracking by Developer you must follow the steps as described in Set Special Task ID.

Tasks such as *U000BOB or *U00MARY can be created. These special Task IDs are defined to allow only one user to be authorized to the task.

Using this scenario you will typically not use the Keep Locks option when checking objects in to the IBM i Master repository from a Visual LANSA Slave. This will ensure that any new or modified objects are released from the Task ID after they are checked into the LANSA for i Master LANSA System. (Refer to Unlock Objects in Task Tracking.).

If you use status-based unlocks, you must transfer the object to another task before another developer can access the object. (Refer to Transfer Object Locks.) With status-based locks, no other developer can access the object until the task is set to FIN releasing all object locks. Transferring is an acceptable practice when using Combined Approaches. For example, you may transfer the locked object from task *U00BOB to a full task-oriented Task ID such as TSK001. When all objects required under TSK001 have been transferred, TSK001 can be closed and used to export a group of changes. Hence Bob always locks his own work under *U00BOB, but objects are transferred to another task when a unit of work or product completion point is required. Task *U00BOB is never closed.

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